Sunday... once more into the breach

28 Feb 2016 3:20 PM | Robert

It is another long Sunday and the team is to be commended for finishing strong.

We have just two more nights before we put everything into our trailer and travel to Auburn Mountainview to try out our new robot   "Ex-Caliper".

Those of you that were with us for the weekend know that we have really been under the gun the last few days.  Our efforts in driver practice on Friday showed several flaws in the robot that had to be taken care of.   This is good... breaking things BEFORE competition is not a bad thing.... it shows us where we can improve so that we can have less mechanical issues at competition.  

Finding the problems and fixing them was a good thing.  What was not so good is that we were unable to have everyone practice and try out the way we had originally planned.   If you were here on Saturday you know we all got together to look at the situation and hear comments.  We decided to try and make the robot as ready as we could possibly make it.  

Picking a drive team is always a difficult thing.  It is about a number of factors and team members need to understand that the process starts at the beginning of the season and a great deal of it has nothing to do with driving.   In fact, we make assessments based on a team member's entire career on the team.

There are always many people that qualify as good candidates for the drive team.

They cannot, obviously, be all part of it every year.   If we choose to drive by committee we choose to not be our best on the field and our team's goal is to absolutely put our best on the field and off the field every year.

To those of you that are not on the drive team, you all need to realize that we are all part of the same big team.  When everyone performs their duties and are great team mates, we ALL succeed.  In every sense, what you see on the field is a synthesis of EVERYONE's efforts and you all have big reasons to be proud.

This being said, and after consultation among several mentors and others, I have had to make a choice for the drive team for Auburn Mountainview and the rest of the season.    Our driver will be Ross and our robot operator will be Benton. Given everything, this was a difficult decision but I hope you all will congratulate Ross and Benton and help them be as successful as we can.  They will need your help to be the best they can be.    We will be choosing Human Players this week but we need to have this drive team working together along with me to figure out our strategies and how we will attack the game on the field.

Again, Congratulations to you all for your magnificent work so far this season. It is going to be a great ride and I look forward to great things!!!

Go Skunks


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