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  • 28 Jan 2019 6:49 PM | Nick

    My personal experience, by Sam Gibson:

    As a freshman on the team, I’ve noticed the meetings usually go like this:

    1: Team comes together at 6 pm for the meeting (some people don’t get chairs but no one complains); everyone comes ready to listen.

    2: Everyone does a cheer (Yes! Yes! Yes!)  

    3: Team leads tells the team what they currently need to do for the team as a whole

    4: Team leads, the coach, and alumni talk about the team’s current agenda moving forward with finishing the robot.

    5: Everyone leaves to go to their sub-groups and do their specialized tasks.

    I am new to robotics, so most of it goes over my head. The coaches and team leads are willing to help me when I am confused about what was talked about in the meeting, and they help me meet my deadlines in robotics. In robotics, I have learned not only how to program, but also have helped the team raise thousands of dollars during the spaghetti dinner and met new people, making new friends.

  • 16 Jan 2019 6:39 PM | Kenny

    A little over a week ago our team attended the kick off event at Auburn High School. The event was fun to watch and informative at the same time. This year’s theme is Destination: Deep Space. Essentially, the object of the game is to fill up at least one rocket to earn a ranking point. After watching the live stream, the attending teams split into different room and discussed the rules with each other. This was helpful for improving our knowledge of the rules.

    Later in the day, our team came together to discuss the rules and the game itself. We then broke into groups to make a presentation on each section of the game manual because it is HUGE. The teams then presented their assigned section. Kick-off day was really useful for preparing for build season and learning about the new game this year.

  • 18 Jan 2018 6:31 PM | Kenny

    Right now electrical is working creating a controller, which is awesome since it goes with the Power Up theme. Demian might incorporate this game controller to the competition and robot itself for his own testing and for a flashy photo shoot. It connects through USB so its functionality will be virtually endless. From soldering to wiring, this controller is coming together, slowly but surely!

  • 16 Jan 2018 7:43 PM | Kenny

    We're collectively experimenting with a popcorn machine and the freshmen are working on the Kitbot. Here's a summary of what we're doing:

    • On Reddit making jokes
    • Working on the elevator system
    • Having a good time
    • Scratch
    • Working on the run-one motor

    Although WE MIGHT get off task sometimes, the upperclassmen of our sub team have created tools in scaffolding. We've been attempting to program a robot without having one at their disposal. Meanwhile, the freshmen are learning to code robots, through their mini class project of building and programming a KitBot. Altogether, programming is having a good time, no matter what our current duties are. Motto: “the grind don’t stop." - Bella & Mike

  • 29 Nov 2017 6:43 PM | Kenny
    Hey there! It's your marketing team here with an exciting update! Our subteam has been working on finding creative ways to express our ideas through media. The first thing we've tried out are filming and putting together short videos that help to hype up anyone who's viewing our pages. Another is stop motion. Stop motion is hard to master since we need to make sure everything we record fits within the frame at the right angle, but it's been an extremely fun format to work with! We can't wait to explore even more ways to share our team with the world!

  • 02 Nov 2017 6:57 PM | Kenny

    We are creating the first ever Skunk Works handbook, by reviewing other amazing teams guides. This year we received  a lot of new members, and to ensure everyone has a good understanding of what it takes to be an active member of the team.  We're also prepping for the Girls and Boys Scouts Clinic Merit Badge we have plan for early December. Being active members of our school community is very important to us, so we are planning to connect with other school teams to develop school events. We've also begun planning our business outreaches through new member connections and our letter writing campaign.

  • 31 Oct 2017 6:57 PM | Kenny
    Girls Generation Competition was a fun and exciting event! We got into the finals with the amazing team 3238 and 4469, with congratulations to team 360, 3218, and 5588 for winning the competition. Many thanks to all of the teams who welcomed us from the moment we stepped into the room! Seeing girls take charge this year is incredibly inspiring, and we're confident the robotics community will continue to make strides in STEM in the coming months, years, and centuries.

  • 13 Apr 2017 8:33 PM | Kenny

    We received a warm welcome from the teams in Boise, Idaho! When we made it to our hotel rooms, we noticed that they wrote a special message for us beforehand. It comes to show how awesome the FIRST community is. Once we made it to the competition, we fought long and hard. The teams in this area were absolutely amazing when it came to their robots and driving skills! We kept running through the matches and all of the interactions we had there with other people made this an incredible competition. Thanks Idaho!

  • 22 Mar 2017 9:04 PM | Kenny
    We've been working on flyers that describe what we've done in events such as FIRST Day and the SMELLY Competition. We'll be handing the flyers out at the upcoming Glacier Peak competition so we hope a bunch of teams come check us out! The flyers aren't the only things we'll be handing out -- our pit also has a small bin filled with our new buttons. They're looking pretty snazzy this year, especially the one that references the game that ultimately took Dozer away... Additionally, for the upcoming competitions, the bottom of the robot will have an image on it that'll make the crowd laugh like crazy. Be sure to check it out!

  • 07 Mar 2017 7:38 PM | Kenny
    The "FIRST" competition of this season at Auburn Mountainview High School was an awesome experience! So many teams were ready to compete with their robots on the morning of both weekends. However, the robots weren't the only highlight of the competition. Every team was cheering at the top of their lungs, showing off the spirit of FIRST. It was an awe-inspiring sight to see along with the exciting competition filled with gear collecting, fueling, and climbing. Let's hope the next one is just as or more exciting than the last!

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