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Our first post!

03 Dec 2015 6:52 PM | Deleted user

Hello Everyone!

Over the past few months our Marketing team of two has been hard at work. Since half of our subteam (that’s one person) is a newbie, we’ve been training her up on Adobe Illustrator and showing her the ropes of design and marketing. Hopefully by now she’s learned a thing or two, but we’ll know for sure when build season rolls around.

Exciting news! We have a new website! You may have liked our old website (we’re trying to forget it), but we’ve moved on to bigger and better things. While our old website was completely hardcoded (which was cool) it was hard to keep updated and we ultimately decided that a new layout was necessary anyway.

Another thing we’ve been up to is working with the Business Operations subteam. Skunk Works is collaborating with FIRSTWA on planning a first ever FIRST Day. There’ll be more to come on that later, probably. This has been fun because while Marketing has been doing the usual and designing the flier for the event, we’ve also been planning the actual event. Like making schedules and meeting guest speakers and everything.

Pictured above: the Marketing team hard at work.

Stay smelly!

The Marketing Team

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