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Electrical Team Blogpost!

03 Dec 2015 10:57 PM | Deleted user

This preseason, the electrical sub-team has been very busy with a variety of projects. From September to December, we've been keeping busy. First off, we've been training our new electrical members to become full fledged members. They now know their way around the shop, how to use power tools, and how to crimp wires. Which they will be doing a lot of. Their mettle will soon be tested, as build season closes in.

The entire electrical team has been busy reviewing old and learning new material. This has been very beneficial to both new and old members, as we all know what not to touch now. Learning how electrical components work, how to work with them, and just really cool stuff in general. That's what we've been learning. Fun stuff.

We are also proud to report our work on two different prototyping bots. The first, Slippery Biscuit, is our testing platform to prevent the curse of friction pinning. Electrical was able to get this bad boy up and running in record time. And let me tell you, this dude can fly. The second, and personal pride of the electrical team is Tote Bot. After last season's game, we found we had an excess of totes, and we had no room for them. So what do we do? Do we throw them out? Heck no, we build a robot with them. And so, Tote Bot was born. Meant to be a modifiable electrical test bed, Tote Bot was designed by electrical with the help of design team, and is being water jetted as I write this. Soon it shall be running up and down the halls of the school.

We have also helped other sub-teams as "electrical ambassadors," basically helping wherever electrical expertise is needed. We've helped programming wire up their own test beds, and helped the design sub-team with electrical layouts of their computer designs. We've also been helping out when showing off the robot, making sure it stays running electrical wise and that it doesn't explode into tiny bits of metal shrapnel. We wouldn't want to hurt anyone. Too much paperwork.

Overall, electrical has had a very productive preseason. We've finished one robot and made excellent progress on another. We've gotten our new members acclimated to the team, and we've all learned new and helpful information so we can do our jobs correctly. We are all excited for build season, us senior members ready for that familiar feeling of pain and misery, and the new members awaiting to feel that sensation for the first time. But in all seriousness, we're ready for the new season, and ready to have an amazing time building robots.

New electrical members Davon and Patrick

Water jetted parts of Tote Bot 

Stay smelly,

Electrical Sub-team

(Sherman White)  

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