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Hello Everyone! Greetings from the shop!

03 Dec 2015 11:31 PM | Deleted user

We have been very busy this preseason. We have Slippery Biscuit up and running after a long time of trial and error. During last build season our experimental bot was cannibalized for parts, so this preseason we made it our mission to find what was missing and replace it. We finished it mechanically and electrically then gave it to the programmers. It is now running, yay!   

We have also been working on modifying the last year’s practice robot to only run the lift. At the beginning of this year we had to make repairs to the competition bot in order to keep it running for Girls Gen and Chezy Champs.

The shop has gotten a new peg board installed for keeping our hand tools organized (this is going to help in build season!).

Shop training for all our new members has been completed. We had around eight new people this year so the shop has been very full. The new members are also spending time learning CAD.

We still have some projects to be finished up before things get crazy. The tote bot is a new bot we are building out of a tote. It is going to be a test bot for the programmers before the practice robot is ready.

This is slippery Biscuit our experimental drive base.

Versaplanetary gearbox (one of four) is going into the tote bot.

Our new peg board for the shop.

This is what new students need to make for shop certification.

Last year’s modified practice bot.

Arguably one of the most important things, the maintenance log! This kept track of everything we did on the robot over the summer and this preseason.

Stay Smelly!

From the Shop! 

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