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Build season has begun!

16 Jan 2016 11:48 AM | Deleted user

It’s finally happened. The wait is over. Kickoff was last Saturday and the game for 2016 was announced: FIRST Stronghold.

Here at Skunk Works, we’re super hyped! The game is awesome, exciting, and medieval themed, so obviously that combined with robots means that it’ll be fantastic. Our team arrived at the kickoff location bright and early at 6:30, lack of sleep being made up for by our excitement for the new game. 

For the past week everyone has been working on ideas and prototyping while the marketing team is hard at work. We’ve decided to go all out with the medieval designs, so be prepared to be blown away.

(She looks annoyed but she's really having a field day)

(There is much prototyping)

We’re also getting ready for FIRST Day, which will be held in Olympia on Monday. We’ll be going down on Sunday for a training day on how to talk to our legislators. On Monday, we’ll be holding a rally at the Capitol and meeting with our legislators about the importance of FIRST. We’re super excited for this! Marketing has taken the lead on planning, so combining that with our new craze for medieval design we’ve been extremely busy.

Stay smelly!

The Marketing Team

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