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The prototyping continues!

19 Jan 2016 8:21 PM | Deleted user

Our team has started the build season out strong. Starting with initial rulebook review, to strategy and robot concepts, we've gotten all the way to the prototyping stage. Splitting into eight different prototyping teams, we explored options for our climber, our shooter, our collector, and our drive train. And while I can't disclose all of the details, I can say with confidence that we have many good ideas for our robot, and I think we have a shot at Einstein this year. 

We've also been busy getting our practice field ready. Many students and mentors on our team have been working every meeting to get models of every obstacle completed, so we will be able to test our many prototypes and, eventually, our finished robot. It's going to take a long time to get a model for every obstacle, but we'll get it done.

Once our prototypes are done, we will continue to work on the designs that we see as most promising. Luckily, all of our ideas are good, so we should have a truly spectacular robot. We are all excited to see what our final design is, and those of us on build teams are ready to start building. We just have to wait a little longer, thank goodness.

Stay smelly,

Team 1983

Model of the French thing, made by members of team 1983 

Team 1983 member Simon holding his prototype.

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