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Hello from programming

23 Jan 2016 1:28 PM | Deleted user

The programming sub team has been working for the past week on many different things. The first few days we were focusing on figuring out the different autonomous paths to get an understanding of the different sensors, subsystems, and functions we would have to write in order to be effective this season. Every year the programming team gets the robot last, which causes most of the blame to fall to us when it doesn’t work, but this year we want it to be different. We are working with more mentors, not “memeing” in the code (I.E the craaaw) and practicing better quality control. Overall, we're have been having a blast with teaching 5 new programmers and getting them up to speed.

("Are you sure about that last line of code?" *glaring intensifies*)

(Eli and one of our mentors, Thomas, are working on a sensor manager)

("Get back to programming")

Stay smelly!

The Programmers

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