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Update from the glorious electrical team

08 Feb 2016 7:50 PM | Deleted user

Since last year, the Electrical Sub-team has been working on a glorious prototyping bot for our ever gracious Programming Sub-team. And now is the time to announce the birth of Tote-Bot, the completed prototyping robot. (We know it has been a long time, but give us a break. We're lazy until build season.)

Seeing as how last year's game was recycle themed, we decided to recycle one of our leftover totes, and turn it into a robot (and because we still have at least a hundred more hidden away somewhere). Built with three layers, the bottom two permanent, the top to be changed based on Programming's needs, with a metal frame to keep everything together and stable. As of now, the programmers have had time to put code on it, and it seems to be working great. Oh, and they put googly eyes on it. Not sure how I feel about that.

(Our glorious Tote-Bot, defiled by those hideous eyes)

(Don't even get me started on this guy)

Other than that, Electrical has been wiring the electrical board for our practice robot. That way, we can mess up and not get yelled at. After all, it's just a practice bot. And it's also good practice for our new members, who, by the way, are the ones messing up most of the time (not us glorious upper-classmen, who would never pin anything on our underlings). At this very moment, as I am writing this blog, the Electrical members sitting next to me are wiring the CAN wires, making sure everything looks pretty. And looking at it right now, this robot's guts are going to be sexy. Also, the robot's frame just got in. White is the new black.

(Our sexy wiring)

(White is the new black)

Stay Smelly,

Electrical Sub-team

(Sherman White)

(This random stool)

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