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An update from the video subteam!

02 Mar 2016 6:44 PM | Deleted user

The video team has had a long week. We've been given two jobs as of late, our Chairman's video and our robot reveal video. Chairman's is obviously the more important of the two, so of course it's the one we've had the most trouble with. After weeks of hard labor, our video was finally where we wanted it to be. With just a few more seconds needed to make it perfect, disaster struck. The dreaded blue screen of death. For unknown reasons, our video editing computer passed away. As you can probably guess, we all almost died of our collective heart attack. However, after almost five hours of non-stop work, we were able to recover the footage, mostly intact. Thank goodness we have an IT expert (thanks Garnet).

The second video, the reveal video, has also given us some trouble. With just a few days left until we go to competition, we've had no time to film our practice robot in action. But, the programmers and build team need to make sure it's working correctly, so we understand. However, we still need to get it done, so we're heading to our practice field to bug them, so we can get some really sweet shots.

So, while writing this has been fun, we need to head out as soon as possible so we can get those sweet shots.

(Lookin for the beauty shot)

Stay smelly,

Video Team

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