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Electrical is exciting

10 Mar 2016 7:14 PM | Deleted user
As the build season has drawn to a close, the competition season has just begun. We, the electrical team, are still quite busy. Throughout build season the electrical tool shelf has become a place of havoc. We spent 2 meetings, amassing about 6 hours, just to organize the shelf. Before, it looked as if a small tornado tore through it. Now, the shelf looks as if it were organized by angels themselves. 

Beside that, the electrical team has been busy with other work. Chiefly among these is working on the Operator's Interface, or OI for short. Before, the drivers were driving with very wobbly joysticks. So, the we very lovingly tore apart the OI to make some key modifications. As well as the OI, electrical has been working to fix Tote Bot. Unfortunately, Tote Bot was in an accident. This included it losing one of its wheels. We are currently in the process of fixing this tragedy that has occurred, but Tote Bot will let well soon. Besides our own work, Electrical has been helping our friends in marketing. We helped to assemble a button table, and the stands for their flags. Right now, the Electrical is incredibly happy with the new and improved (or just improved) shelf. We will continue to be working as new jobs arise. 

And as always, 

Stay Smelly,

The Electrical Team

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