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Design is in demand

10 Mar 2016 7:58 PM | Deleted user

The Design/Build subteam is busily getting ready for the next competition! We decided that we would be building a shooting mechanism to hopefully use at our next competition. 

The Design team spent 3 weeks prototyping and designing two separate shooters. It was a very hard decision to choose between the two of them and we were all very pleased when we found a way to combine them into one design. Tonight we will be assembling our newly designed shooter and getting ready to attach it to the robot.

 Next we will be testing it on the robot and hoping to practice using it enough to be ready for Ellensburg! Other members of the Design team have been working on very important documentation so that we have a strong record of everything that we have done and any problems that we have had. That documentation helps us to make a better design next season. We are also working on a turreted shooting design that the programmers will be able to work with and learn to program. That way next season or in any of the coming seasons, if the need for that type of shooter arises we will be ready. 

Another project that the design team has taken on is an update to our outreach robots. Our mini-robots are a favorite at a lot of our events and we want to make them work better and have a new system for popping the opponents balloons. Lastly, members of the Design team are working to modify our cart for this years shorter designed robot. With the new modifications, transport of our 2016 robot to and from the pits will be noticeably smoother.

Stay smelly!

The Design team

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