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Design gets down to work

15 Sep 2016 6:35 PM | Kenny

Over the summer, each member of the design team was given a project to design, ranging from a drive base to an articulating turret ball shooter. The instructions given were very casual, and most of the team was busy with summer internships and trips, taking time in the sun over staring at a computer screen. Those who created something shared their projects with the design team, received feedback, and then we moved on to the preseason project.

Skunk Works loves to share the passion of STEM with young children, inspiring them to look towards robotics as a way to build their future and improve the world. As a team, we have used past years' robots to demonstrate what we build on the team. These machines are (to us) mechanical masterpieces, but they are purpose-built for the FIRST competition. So our design team preseason project is to create a purpose-built demonstration robot. The design parameters are for the robot to be able to fit within an 18*18*18 inch cube and weigh less than 35 pounds - easily transportable to outreach events. Since we have thousands of balls from the VEX competition laying around, the robot will be designed to interact with those balls, allowing kids to feed the robot and catch launched balls in a safe and fun matter. Three teams of five are competing to create the ultimate demo robot, may the best win!

(Design Team gets down to business)

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