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Electrical is in charge

18 Oct 2016 8:17 PM | Kenny

Electrical is amazing, duh

And once again the time has come for the godly electrical subteam to make a blog post. As I write this, Electrical has gotten a new tool with which to wield its magic, it's called...(insert drum roll)... A NEW TEMPERATURE CONTROLLED SOLDERING IRON! YAY! Be happy! This tool will help us as the plug on our other one fell off and the metal was heating until it turned blue (aka really hot). The new one even came with a beautiful sponge. 

--> New soldering iron

Anyways, it is time for the amazingness that is electrical to reveal what it has been brewing since the beginning of the school year... we have been soldering things and teaching our new members. Wow! So amazing! We managed to make these programming practice bots, which was really fun and gave us something to do.

--> Programming practice bot

--> New people and that one sophomore (he claims to be in college)

But that was our second project! Mostly because we are on such a roll. Although not pictured, our first project was a robot kit that turns into a robot with sensors that runs away from things when its about to bump into them. It just needs to be said that it was absolutely adorable. 

For the last meeting or so, we have also been conducting research on how to pneumatics, courtesy of Davin, who thought of it. Pneumatics were not used on the robot last year, so we looked at them on Slippery Biscuit and also found two leaks where pneumatic fluid was leaking out. One of them was caused by the tubes not being plugged in all the way, Zuzanna's fault. :P

-->pneumatic tubing that was loose 

And thus ends the amazing journey of electrical since the beginning of the year. We are looking at the horizon and seeing personal projects and more soldering (sponsored by DeSilva). Also, don't forget to stop by if you need some healthy sarcasm.

--> Very bad quality soldering picture

Stay smelly,

Electrical Subteam

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