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Scouting sees the plan

01 Feb 2017 8:27 PM | Kenny

Scouting is excited to be bringing a scouting app back to the team. Last year we did not have one and so this year we are working to learn the software and create an awesome scouting app for competition. The app will log match data that is input by our scouts and will also be used for pit scouting so we can create graphs of that as well instead of having that be only on paper. For the app we are using HTML and CSS as well as learning JavaScript for the app. It is steampunk themed to match this years game and the theme of our 2017 skunk. 

We have moved from the main classroom to the programming room so that the we can get assistance from the programmers and mentors on programming our app. Now we are able to ask questions as needed and work with those who know how to program. 

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