• 10 Mar 2016 7:58 PM | Deleted user

    The Design/Build subteam is busily getting ready for the next competition! We decided that we would be building a shooting mechanism to hopefully use at our next competition. 

    The Design team spent 3 weeks prototyping and designing two separate shooters. It was a very hard decision to choose between the two of them and we were all very pleased when we found a way to combine them into one design. Tonight we will be assembling our newly designed shooter and getting ready to attach it to the robot.

     Next we will be testing it on the robot and hoping to practice using it enough to be ready for Ellensburg! Other members of the Design team have been working on very important documentation so that we have a strong record of everything that we have done and any problems that we have had. That documentation helps us to make a better design next season. We are also working on a turreted shooting design that the programmers will be able to work with and learn to program. That way next season or in any of the coming seasons, if the need for that type of shooter arises we will be ready. 

    Another project that the design team has taken on is an update to our outreach robots. Our mini-robots are a favorite at a lot of our events and we want to make them work better and have a new system for popping the opponents balloons. Lastly, members of the Design team are working to modify our cart for this years shorter designed robot. With the new modifications, transport of our 2016 robot to and from the pits will be noticeably smoother.

    Stay smelly!

    The Design team

  • 10 Mar 2016 7:14 PM | Deleted user
    As the build season has drawn to a close, the competition season has just begun. We, the electrical team, are still quite busy. Throughout build season the electrical tool shelf has become a place of havoc. We spent 2 meetings, amassing about 6 hours, just to organize the shelf. Before, it looked as if a small tornado tore through it. Now, the shelf looks as if it were organized by angels themselves. 

    Beside that, the electrical team has been busy with other work. Chiefly among these is working on the Operator's Interface, or OI for short. Before, the drivers were driving with very wobbly joysticks. So, the we very lovingly tore apart the OI to make some key modifications. As well as the OI, electrical has been working to fix Tote Bot. Unfortunately, Tote Bot was in an accident. This included it losing one of its wheels. We are currently in the process of fixing this tragedy that has occurred, but Tote Bot will let well soon. Besides our own work, Electrical has been helping our friends in marketing. We helped to assemble a button table, and the stands for their flags. Right now, the Electrical is incredibly happy with the new and improved (or just improved) shelf. We will continue to be working as new jobs arise. 

    And as always, 

    Stay Smelly,

    The Electrical Team

  • 10 Mar 2016 6:57 PM | Deleted user

    The business subteam is hard at work refining the chairman’s presentation before the next competition. We are updating the presentation data and Garnet, Alex, and Josh are working on our awesome Chairman’s video that we will show the team very soon! Everyone is so excited to see the product of their hard work. The business team is also busily working on making our Chairman’s notebook even better and creating a takeaway for the judges that will really knock their socks off.

    ("We have to rewrite this sentence AGAIN?")

    Stay Smelly!

    The Business subteam

  • 10 Mar 2016 6:21 PM | Deleted user

    The programming team is hard at work on vision finding with the tower. Autonomous programs have been going great and as soon as the mechanical subteam gives us a shooter we will begin work on a high goal shooting autonomous program. And since we have been spending most nights at the beautifully constructed practice field, we promise that we will not intentionally break anything. Too badly. 

  • 02 Mar 2016 6:44 PM | Deleted user

    The video team has had a long week. We've been given two jobs as of late, our Chairman's video and our robot reveal video. Chairman's is obviously the more important of the two, so of course it's the one we've had the most trouble with. After weeks of hard labor, our video was finally where we wanted it to be. With just a few more seconds needed to make it perfect, disaster struck. The dreaded blue screen of death. For unknown reasons, our video editing computer passed away. As you can probably guess, we all almost died of our collective heart attack. However, after almost five hours of non-stop work, we were able to recover the footage, mostly intact. Thank goodness we have an IT expert (thanks Garnet).

    The second video, the reveal video, has also given us some trouble. With just a few days left until we go to competition, we've had no time to film our practice robot in action. But, the programmers and build team need to make sure it's working correctly, so we understand. However, we still need to get it done, so we're heading to our practice field to bug them, so we can get some really sweet shots.

    So, while writing this has been fun, we need to head out as soon as possible so we can get those sweet shots.

    (Lookin for the beauty shot)

    Stay smelly,

    Video Team

  • 02 Mar 2016 6:28 PM | Deleted user


    Market has been keeping busy. We printed our side banners, and we have to say: they look fabulous. Our standards are also almost done, and they also look fabulous. We've redesigned our pit, and it looks fabulous. We may or may not be a little excited. 

    But mostly, we're excited for the competition! Our first competition is on Friday, so we've been packing everything up and making sure everything is present and accounted for. Prepare for lots of skunk tails.

    (Marketing makes everything look better)

    (Like, lots of skunk tails)

    Stay smelly!

    The Marketing Team

  • 15 Feb 2016 3:12 PM | Deleted user


    Here in the Marketing subteam we've been keeping very busy. We finished the website awhile ago (as you can see), but we've still been updating things and making sure all the images are working (they have a nasty habit of disappearing on us). We've also been redesigning everything. We finished our logo early on in Build Season, but that was just the first of many things to design. Since then, we've been working on standards, banners, the OI, shirts, buttons, and a variety of images for the Chairman's and business teams. 

    (You know, just a couple of things we're designing)

    Stay smelly!

    The Marketing Team

  • 08 Feb 2016 8:10 PM | Deleted user
    Right now the programmers are hard at work creating systems and controls for our 2016 robot. We are eagerly awaiting the completed robot so that we can start to test. Luckily we will have time with the practice robot even after bag day! We have been working on getting the camera systems set up and tested as well as getting the OI commands set up. We are confident that the robot code will be done in time for testing.

    Stay smelly!

    The Programming Subteam 

    (No caption necessary)

    (Ross and robot)

  • 08 Feb 2016 7:50 PM | Deleted user

    Since last year, the Electrical Sub-team has been working on a glorious prototyping bot for our ever gracious Programming Sub-team. And now is the time to announce the birth of Tote-Bot, the completed prototyping robot. (We know it has been a long time, but give us a break. We're lazy until build season.)

    Seeing as how last year's game was recycle themed, we decided to recycle one of our leftover totes, and turn it into a robot (and because we still have at least a hundred more hidden away somewhere). Built with three layers, the bottom two permanent, the top to be changed based on Programming's needs, with a metal frame to keep everything together and stable. As of now, the programmers have had time to put code on it, and it seems to be working great. Oh, and they put googly eyes on it. Not sure how I feel about that.

    (Our glorious Tote-Bot, defiled by those hideous eyes)

    (Don't even get me started on this guy)

    Other than that, Electrical has been wiring the electrical board for our practice robot. That way, we can mess up and not get yelled at. After all, it's just a practice bot. And it's also good practice for our new members, who, by the way, are the ones messing up most of the time (not us glorious upper-classmen, who would never pin anything on our underlings). At this very moment, as I am writing this blog, the Electrical members sitting next to me are wiring the CAN wires, making sure everything looks pretty. And looking at it right now, this robot's guts are going to be sexy. Also, the robot's frame just got in. White is the new black.

    (Our sexy wiring)

    (White is the new black)

    Stay Smelly,

    Electrical Sub-team

    (Sherman White)

    (This random stool)

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