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Buy your tickets now for the annual Tail Raiser Dinner and Auction - Sunday October 27 2019!

It's a whole new game this year, with a professional auctioneer, bigger items, a bar, and more games. Invite your friends and colleagues!

Ticket are NOW on sale HERE!

Check out the auction catalog! There's some cool stuff there and we're still adding more!

Skunk Family:

There's still time to get out there and solicit donations! With many donors requiring weeks and months of advance notice time is shorter than you think.

Donations Procurement Form (pdf) - Here's the form for soliciting donations: half for the donor, half for our records.

Support Letter (pdf) - Show this to potential donors!

Event Sponsor Request (pdf) - Show this to potential Event Sponsors! Sponsors get social media shoutouts and signage at the auction - perfect for local businesses that want to support the community.

SWRBC 501(c)(3).pdf - Some donors want to see our letter from the IRS stating our nonprofit status, this is that letter. Other want to see our W9 form: SWRBC W9 2019.pdf

Our preferred address is the PO Box listed here but if a donor insists on a physical address you can use the Beverly Park address, or your own if it involves something being delivered. If they need a phone number please use your own, or ask Brian Pratt for his.

Auction committee meets the last Tuesday of each month, be there!

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