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Tool Kit for Teams

As part of Skunk Works Robotics effort to help other robotics teams, we have created the Skunk Zone. It is a place where the Skunks can post documents for the expressed purpose of making them available to others. You are welcome to reuse these documents. If you find any errors or have suggestions, please let us know.

Safety and Health Plan

The Skunks know how to have fun for sure, but they are even more knowledgeable about staying safe, as getting hurt is no fun at all. We take safety and security very seriously. Our safety team has compiled a Safety Presentation in addition to our Safety Plan, that goes over the many things we do to keep ourselves in good health, as well as emphasizing how important safety is to the team.

Sustainability Workshop

In 2012, Skunk Works held its first Sustainability workshop. In this workshop we provide a strategy to build a strong team that will last for many years. This workshop is often held at FRC Regional Events.

Management Plan

This document was first put together in 2010 to help organize the team. It describes how the team is structured, in terms of sub-team organization, outreach, and fundraising.

Business Plan

Our team is always growing and improving. Our business plan tells how we gain experience and pass it on to our new team members. You can read about our overall objective, our fundraising, and a brief history of the team.

Scouting Plan

Scouting is the process of analyzing and documenting robot performance during gameplay for the use of generating a game strategy. Our scouting team does this task by researching teams before regionals, visiting the pits during competitions, and analyzing game play. This was our plan in 2011-2012 and it is changed each year depending on the game.


We don't go to our regional competitions and championships for free. We also don't get those robot parts for free. We need quite a bit of money for these requirements. So where do we get that cash? Fundraising and sponsorship! We have several wonderful supporters and we hold fundraisers all year long.

Packing for St. Louis 

This presentation was designed to teach team members how to pack their bags to make traveling to the St. Louis Championships, and any other regionals that may involve airplane travel, as easy and painless as possible.

Rapid Prototyping

(2011 season) We use the Rapid Prototyping system of analyzing the game during the first week of build season. We split into groups and brainstorm what will be important in the game and how we can accomplish these goals. This directly leads into prototyping different robot systems over the next few days until we start building the actual robot.

Robot Design

The details of our 2017 design are in this document. You can see our schedule our ideas as they evolve through the season.

The presentation from our workshop on drive system engineering and the associated worksheet with 2015 Motor specifications.

2016 Design

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