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Parent volunteer positions (note: many of these require 4-H youth protection training and background check) - contact president @ if you want to take charge of one or more of these important tasks:

Position Description Owner for 2019-2020 season
Houston Travel Coordinator Reserve plane tickets and hotels as early as possible - this is a critical task. Also ground transport including NASA visit. Coordinate with experienced mentors on itinerary setting (we all go to opening party etc) Rayna Meuer
Houston Food Coordinator Lunches and one team dinner. Pretty much requires renting a car there. Clarie-Vangie Calicdan
District Champs Travel Coordinator Reserve hotels as early as possible (unless it's Tacoma), possibly busses Rayna Meuer
Chezy Champs Travel Coordinator Reserve hotels as early as possible Rayna Meuer

Grant Writing coordinator

Seeks out many, many grant opportunities, works with others to get applications written
Business Outreach Cold Call Coordinator Tee up opportunities for students to present to local businesses
Study Hall Chaperone Coordinator Let's get the kids to BP right after school
RAHS -> BP ride coordinator But most can't drive - can we get parents to help?
Robot transport Need to free up Andy to be able to walk away from the trailer at load in / load out to be with the team in the pits Bryan Calicdan
Web/IT Students can manage content but we need somebody managing the back end Duane Nakamura
Robot Reveal party coordinator Annual build season event. Usually involves dessert, probably at practice field. May need to coordinate with other HRA teams. Angel Joy
Year End party coordinator
Field Build coordinator Organize a crew to build the "Team Plans" once game is announced. May be able to get a mystery shopping list before that. Patrick Joy
Teambuilding coordinator Organizes non-robot-related teambuilding events - practice field dodgeball, BP putting course etc Rayna Meuer
Competition Lunches coordinator moms killed it last year, but some folks that volunteered got lost in the mix due to murky roles Clarie-Vangie Calicdan
Build season meals coordinator Saturday lunch for sure, not certain of value of midweek dinners at BP Clarie-Vangie Calicdan
Auction coordinator Run the circus - manage the many sub-positions
Yard cleanup coordinator Responsible for follow-through on yard cleanups sold at Spaghetti Dinner
Fundraising Coordinator (Applebees, parent nights etc) Stuff that isn't the auction, or grant writing, or the letter writing campaign
Letter Writing Campaign Coordinator Make sure letters get sent, thank yous get sent, coordinate with person who picks up the mail. Have a template letter good to go. Kurt Sorensen

Each coordinator should document the job for whoever comes next!

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